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The AP (Alex Pareene) Newsletter is a newsletter by me (Alex Pareene). You can read my announcement post for my thoughts on the newsletter form itself, especially the political newsletter, which this one (mostly) is. It should also give you a better sense of what this newsletter is, and will be, than any description I could write here (which would just sound something like “The AP [Alex Pareene] Newsletter is a newsletter about media and politics and power and sometimes transit and a bit of labor and whatever else I feel like writing about”).

Who is Alex Pareene?

Many years ago all bios and descriptions of me would begin with the fact that I dropped out of NYU (where I was studying playwriting and screenwriting) to become a blogger, which was considered a quite oddball thing to be, professionally at least, which should at least give you a sense of how long I’ve been at this. Most notably, I covered politics for, and eventually edited, Gawker.com, and I was most recently a staff writer at The New Republic, where I am still a contributing editor and co-host, with Laura Marsh, of the podcast The Politics of Everything (which you should also subscribe to). I grew up in Minneapolis and live in Brooklyn with my wife and son.

Why subscribe?

Because some of my letters will only be for subscribers, which is the newsletter business model, more or less. Or perhaps you just like me, or my work, and want to support it, which is actually probably a more convincing reason, right?

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