The Democrats openly believe "we can fix everything while playing by the rules and adhering to all the norms" and at the same time, they have a completely unmalleable colleague (Manchin) in their caucus who is blocking literally everything left on the Democrats' agenda + McConnell has openly abandoned norms going back a decade. To cling to norms at this point is to both grasp at air & also totally fail to meet the moment. And, aside from the crises that the GOP keeps springing upon them, they also seem to have no vision at all as a group, which is a bizarre/improbable fact when you consider half of them have either run for president or have been in leadership roles for over a decade.

It's hard to tell whether they're sincerely overcommitted to the long-gone norms or whether they just have a story for the cameras while they're out hawking Big Pharma donations and clinging to their jobs any way possible. Maybe both are true. Does it matter?

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what's sad is that "give joe manchin 20 billion dollars" isn't something that is constantly being discussed, nor is "name kirsten sinema queen of the andes" or whatever the hell she wants.

they are the two main impediments to anything good happening on one level, so give them EVERYTHING THEY WANT AND THEN ADD ANOTHER ZERO to try to get them to do things. i'm fine with it. good job them for having leverage--bad jobs all other dems for not trying to bribe them.

then make the supreme court do terrible things and just start ignoring them.

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